Analysis of the Helpdesk
In-Depth Helpdesk
an overview of your helpdesk system
Trends in Ticket Volume
an overview of the number of tickets
Customer Satisfaction
Analysis of the Top Customers
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Customer Satisfaction Survey
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Performance of Agents
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Performance in a Group
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Distribution of Performance
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Define agents' scope of work, type, language, and other details.
Agents can be organized and unattended tickets can be notified.
Provide agents with fine-grained access and privileges.
Working Hours
To set client expectations, define operating hours and holidays.
Assign kinds of tickets to agents based on their expertise.
Agent Changes
Create and manage agent schedules all in one spot.
Account Information
View the status of your account as well as your invoice email address.
Billing & Plans
Plan, add-ons, team size, and billing cycle are all under your control.
Passes for the day
Part-time agents can purchase on-demand licenses.
Advanced SSO settings, password policy, and domain restriction.
Log of Audits
All of the changes made to your falcon Support tickets account.
Configure the Helpdesk
Your Falcon Support Tickets will be personalized.

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