Getting Started

Quick start

Looking to start your project quickly? Just unzip the We have precompiled and packaged everything in the public directory for you. Start editing the public/pages/starter.html with a text or code editor, save it, and open the file in your favourite browser to see the changes.

Setting up Build system

Unzip the to any folder and open a command line or terminal at that location. theme's dev tools require Node and Git . If you do not have them in your machine, please install their latest stable version from their corresponding website. As you have Node and Git installed and accessible from your terminal or command line, install Gulp CLI package globally with the following command:

npm i gulp-cli -g

When you’re done, install the rest of the theme’s dependencies with:

npm i

Now run:


Running gulp will compile the SCSS, transpile the javascript, copy all required libraries form node_modules to the corresponding public/assets/vendors directory and will open a browser window to public/index.html

All of the following folders are monitored for changes, which will tell the browser to reload automatically after any changes are made:


Now you can edit any pug file from src/pug, change SCSS variable with scss/_user-variables.scss, or write your own SCSS code in scss/_user.scss and add or update javaScript from src/js directory.

Running the gulp command will discard and regenerate all the files in following directories:

Hit Ctrl+C or just close the command line window to stop the server.

Happy editing!

Thank you for creating with Falcon |
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Set your own customized style

Color Scheme

Choose the perfect color mode for your app.

RTL Mode

Switch your language direction

RTL Documentation

Fluid Layout

Toggle container layout system

Fluid Documentation

Navigation Position

Select a suitable navigation system for your web application

Vertical Navbar Style

Switch between styles for your vertical navbar

See Documentation

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