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24 September

iPhone 13 released

Most advanced dual‑camera system ever. Durability that’s front and center. And edge to edge. A lightning-fast chip that leaves the competition behind.


03 April

iPad launched

Following on from the success of their iPhone launches and the popularity of lighter, more portable laptops, the iPad was born in 2010, combining the best features of both products.


15 January

MacBook Air released

Along with releasing the next generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, Apple also released the MacBook Air which would set the precedent across the industry for thinner, lighter laptops.


01 January

First generation iphone

The first-generation iPhone was released with a mere 4GB storage and would launch the company into a new portable internet age of smartphones.


24 April

Apple IIc & The Mac

1984 saw the rise of the Apple IIc, the first portable computer which was intended to be carried around but had no battery, this meant that a power socket would need to be nearby for you to use it.


01 July

Apple I was launched

July 1st, 1976 was when the Apple I was launched, designed and built by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. However, it was Steve Jobs who had the idea to sell the computer and it was there that the Apple empire was born.

Timeline with media


1 Ghz pentium and athlon

AMD and intel release chips clocked at 1 GHz. Sony releases the play station 2.


Mac OS X/ windows XP

New version of the three major operation systems are released.


Macbook pro/Intel core 2/wifi

The Macbook pro, their first dual-core intel based mobile computer. Sony and Nintendo release the PS3 and will respectively.


Iphone/ASUS Eee pc

The first iphone was introduces by Apple. The first ASUS Eee introduces the netbook category of laptops


HTC Dream/Google android

The HTC Dream is released- the first commercially available phone to run the newly released android operating system by google.



Apple released the ipad, a tablet computer that bridges the gap between smartphones and laptops.

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