Setting up configuration

Falcon has a global configuration system. You can change the theme settings with a single global javascript object.

Setting configuration
For Gulp based workflow

Edit the src/js/config.js file.

If you are not using Gulp based workflow

Edit the public/assets/js/config.js file.

Configuration object:
const CONFIG = {
  isNavbarVerticalCollapsed: false,
  theme: "light",
  isRTL: false,
  isFluid: false,
  navbarStyle: "transparent",
  navbarPosition: "vertical",
Available Options
Option Type Defaults Description
isNavbarVerticalCollapsed Boolean false Set true to make the vertical navbar stay collapsed when the page loads.
theme string light This option is for setting up the default color mode (dark or light) for your project. Set dark to make the default color mode dark.
isRTL Boolean false Use true to make the whole layout RTL (Right to Left). Recommended for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, or other RTL languages.
isFluid Boolean false Set true to enable fluid mood. This will make the container full-width.
navbarStyle string transparent This option is for changing the vertical navigation styling. Available values:
  • transparent
  • vibrant
  • inverted
  • card
navbarPosition string vertical For setting the navbar position. Available values:
  • top
  • double-top
  • vertical
  • combo

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